Thanks for the winter tires! They got my kids to school this morning and me to work while those fools without winter tires were spinning out and parking on the side of the road. -Liz D.  
Thank you Vimal and Westcoast Auto Repairs. Recently had a few things done, installed a cold-air intake, a coolant flush, and a fuel system servicing. I'm very pleased with the work, I'm now getting an additional 80-100km out of a full tank! They give GREAT customer service and satisfaction. Low prices too. I'll be coming back to do the ol' fluids change, and to change the rotors in a couple thousand km. I give this shop a 5 out of 5! -Deej T.  
These guys do some amazing work! Thanks! -Boss Limousines  
The service and the quality of work at this place is great. I was recommended by a friend 3 years ago and I have been going back here ever since! The prices are reasonable and staff is fast and they are always ready to help and take the time to answer questions when you ask them. Im happy I found such an amazing & reliable car service place! -Sandra W.